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Spa Treatment

Luxurious Experiences

Enhance Your Wellbeing With a Relaxing Spa Experience 

Your indulgent escape awaits. Kelly’s Spa in Riverside, California provides the ultimate sanctuary – an oasis of luxury amenities and Old World-inspired treatments focused on heightening your sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

Whatever your preference of treatment, our Tuscan-inspired spa, part of The Mission Inn Hotel, is the perfect destination for restoring personal balance or simply treating yourself to a little pampering.

The Kelly’s Spa philosophy focuses on caring for our guests with a custom tailored menu of treatments, therapies and massages. Our certified spa therapists are available to design an individual spa plan catering to your individual needs.

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Wellness Cuisine

Kelly’s Spa is pleased to introduce our new Wellness Cuisine Menu, a healthy 
dining option providing the perfect complement to your spa experience.

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Body Treatments


Sunset Body Wrap

First, Noni is expertly applied to sooth, heal and naturally tighten your skin. Then, warm Coconut Milk is gently drizzled over your body and slowly massaged in, leaving you with the healthy glow of a Tropical Island Paradise. The only thing missing is a sandy beach.

50 minute session - $169

Rainforest Reflections Body Wrap

Naturally high in antioxidants, Propolis is noted for its exceptional healing and deep moisturizing properties. To seal in the effects of the Propolis, warm Coconut Milk is poured over your body and gently massaged in after your luxuriating wrap. The result? Nothing less than astonishing healing and moisturizing results. Your body deserves this.

50 minute session - $169

Hydrating Marine Wrap

Dry body brushing increases blood flow while exfoliating to prepare your skin to shine. Next, a warm algae body wrap infused with lime, passion fruit and grapefruit essential oils envelops you in serious hydration.  The session finishes with a luxurious, anti-aging body balm ensuring lasting, moisture-kissed skin.

50 minute session - $169

Body Polish

Italian Strawberries & Cream Body Polish

Give your skin a special body exfoliation treatment made from Italian Strawberries, which are high in antioxidants, combined with a natural cleanser provided by Geranium essential oils. The result is beautifully smooth, more receptive skin. Very nice.

25 minute session - $110
50 minute session (includes an extended massage) - $169

Pear and Green Apple Body Polish

This treatment is an intensely delicious and nutritious organic body polish that leaves your skin “pearfectly” smooth. This decadent body exfoliating sugar scrub is formulated with raw sugar cane, Vitamin C enriched Green Apples and Pears, Jojoba and Vitamin E enriched Sunflower Seed Oil to eliminate dull rough patches on the skin.  As a finale, a Pear and Green Apple Souffle creates a smooth and velvety finish to this naturally green and amazing treatment.

25 minute session - $110
50 minute session - $169

Papaya Pineapple Body Polish

This refreshing combination of papaya and pineapple is rich in antioxidants and designed to exfoliate and moisturize your skin.

25 minute session - $110
50 minutes (includes an extended massage)  - $169

Treatment Enhancements

The perfect addition to any one of our beautiful treatments

Scalp Escape

Soothe away the worries and stress of your day with a calming scalp massage. While you relax and enjoy, your scalp is nourished with coconut milk and special conditioners. 

25 minute session - $75

Mediterranean Foot Treatment

Walk your sore or tired feet into Kelly’s Spa for a soothing, stimulating foot treatment as only we can provide. Your feet and legs are first exfoliated with a tri-crystal scrub, then hydrated with an herbal rosemary spray and finally, given a relaxing massage accompanied by rosemary lotion. 

25 minute session - $75

Foot Reflexology

Old World practitioners of health and beauty believed that each organ in the body corresponds to a specific point on the foot. With just the right pressure applied at these points by massage professionals, critical energy flows are restored to their natural pathways, creating a state of deep relaxation.

25 minute session - $85

*Rose Petal Luxury Bath

“Bagni” are the renowned Kelly’s Spa Italian-inspired bathing experiences. These experiences are so luxurious and relaxing, they are offered exclusively in our private hydrotherapy tubs. Bath your senses in one of our calming and comforting aromatherapy baths or therapeutic soaks.

This exceptional bathing experience is often chosen as a perfect prelude to an unforgettable massage.

Relaxing Lavender Bath - $75
Hydrating Rosemary Bath - $75
Eucalyptus Wellness Bath - $75

20 minute session

*Considered heat treatments and are not recommended for guests who have heart conditions, heat sensitivity or who are pregnant.

Skin Care & Facials

  • Spa Scrubs

Kelly Roberts is dedicated to bringing you the finest ingredients, products and techniques from around the world. Kelly wants you to join her in attaining the most radiant, youthful skin possible. Kelly’s Spa facials include a comprehensive skin analysis, cleansing, extractions (if needed), exfoliation, masque and, of course, moisturizer. Our 80-minute Deluxe Facials treat you to an extended massage and deluxe hand treatment. You deserve this.

PALLAS Goddess Facial

Customized to your skin's unique needs, the PALLAS Goddess Facial uses plant-derived masks, restorative serums and deep-muscle facial massage to leave you radiant and renewed.  Who says pampering can't be powerful?

  • 50 minute session - $179 per person

Kelly’s Age Intervention Facial 

Youthful skin begins with the help of this fragrant and highly effective facial. Using the ancient healing powers of the succulent Stone Crop plant, this treatment tightens and fills in lines and wrinkles. Dehydrated skin is plenished, plumped, and soothed with calendula petal oil and Shea butter. The exotic facial uses only the highest quality fresh organic fruits, herbs and spices. Naturally, your skin’s moisture content will increase; leaving you with a virtual face-lift.  Gentle for any skin type.

50 minute session - $179

80 minute session - $239 (The 80 min. superior facial includes an additional face masque and foot massage as a finishing touch.)

Advanced Hydrating Facial

A nurturing dermal quencher with vitamin active A ,C, and biocomplex. Your facial begins with a cleanser customized to your skin type and exfoliated with an organic fruit pulp treatment combined with pineapple enzymes. Inspiring fragrances and sumptuous textures envelop the senses as this treatment intensely hydrates and boosts the skin’s moisture retention. With the 80-minute session, you will also receive an additional mask and arm and décolleté massage for more rejuvenation results.

50 minute session - $165

80 minute session - $229

Hollywood Glow Oxygen Treatment

The stars don’t come out until they’ve had the facial famous in Tinsel Town. Feel like the celebrity you are with Kelly’s Spa Hollywood Glow Facial-a unique experience providing instant results. As gentle and relaxing as a
breeze off the Italian Alps, this treatment is ideal for all skin types.

Our rejuvenation serum stimulates regeneration of new cells, elastin, and collagen, and is infused with Vitamin A, C, E and Hyaluronic acid to saturate your skin with nutrients.

30 minute session - $135

50 minute session - $239

Clear Skin Facial

The scrumptious aroma of this botanical facial is a natural uplifting experience. Restoring the vitality of your skin through the use of natural Papaya enzymes, this facial is active, yet relaxing. Savor the luxurious blend of Mango, Neroli and fresh Mandarin Orange as it delivers a dose of moisturizing Vitamin C.

This 50-minute facial includes a deep exfoliation to assist in the cell renewal process. This facial is most beneficial for softening character lines. With the 80-minute session, you will also receive an extended arm and décolleté massage.

50 minute session - $165

80 minute session - $215

Sensitive Skin Facial

A hypoallergenic facial developed for the skin that requires the most sensitive care. Your skin is cleansed with mild coconut oils containing calming and skin revitalizing substances from organic herbal ingredients, followed with a refining exfoliant. Extracts of Marigold and Apricot finalizes this soothing and revitalizing facial. With the 80-minute session, you will also receive an additional mask and arm and décolleté massage for more rejuvenation results.

50 minute session - $165

80 minute session - $215

Gentlemen’s Skin Fitness Facial

This treatment is ideal for a man who is always on the go. The application of pure products nourishes and protects as it reduces blemishes, and tightens pores. Refreshing hot towel compress and gentle finger pressure massage with Cucumber Mint releases toxins, energy block, and tension. With the 80-minute session, you will also receive an additional mask and arm and hand massage for more rejuvenation results.

50 minute session - $179

80 minute session - $239

Rejuvenating Facial

Energize your skin with a unique enzyme facial. This treatment begins with a gentle cleanser, followed with a hot cinnamon application to eliminate dead epidermal cells. This facial clears up cellular buildup that causes pore congestion, leaving your face smooth and noticeably toned. With an 80-minute session facial you will also receive an extended arm and décolleté massage.

50 minute session - $165

80 minute session - $229


As an effective way of resurfacing the skin using fine crystals of organic matter and a mechanized system, this treatment is effective in diminishing surface blemishes. Repeated treatments can minimize sun damage, the appearance of fine lines and even acne scars. Microdermabrasion at Kelly’s Spa can be enjoyed by itself, or for best results, combined with one of our facials.

50 minute session - $179

Skin Care Enhancements

LED Light Therapy

20 minute session - $69


  • HydraFacial Treatment


The HydraFacial combines soothing spa therapies with advanced medial technologies to achieve instant lasting results with no discomfort or downtime.  The HydraFacial four-step resurfacing treatment uses Vortex Technology to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate simultaneously, resulting in clearer, glowing, more beautiful skin.

The HydraFacial is appropriate for all skin types and targets sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration and oily/congested skin.


SIGNATURE HYDRAFACIAL (30 min.)  $165.00

This treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin utilizing super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid.



An invigorating customized treatment that includes all of the essentials of the Signature HydraFacial while addressing your specific skin concern with a Booster of your choice.  This treatment concludes with LED light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging.  Select a treatment option below.


Includes CTGF to improve the appearance of skin tone, texture and elasticity.


Includes DermaBuilder to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Includes Britenol to minimize the appearance of dark spots.


Includes Extended Extractions & LED Light Therapy



This is the Ultimate HydraFacial Experience!  Begin the detoxification process with Lymphatic Drainage.  Then, this Signature HydraFacial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates the skin while addressing your specific skin concerns with a Booster of your choice.  This treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging.


Brow Shape

25 minutes


Lip, Chin

15 minutes



25 minutes



25 minutes


Half Arm

25 minutes


Full Arm

55 minutes



25 minutes

$50.00 +


40 minutes

$70.00 +

Half Leg

25 minutes


Full Leg

55 minute


Back (Partial)

35 minutes


Back (Full)

45 minutes



35 minutes



25 minutes



  • Pedicure photo

Mani Pedis 

Kelly’s Signature Spa Manicure

Our deluxe “facial for the hands” is the ultimate anti-aging treatment. This intense 2-step citric acid exfoliation with paraffin dip will rejuvenate, deeply hydrate and help restore your skin to a more youthful appearance. Our signature manicure also includes a rich vitamin hand and arm massage and a perfect polishing of the nails. Your skin is left radiant and glowing, your nails – gorgeous. If your hands could smile, they would.

40 minute session - $85

50 minute session with Gelish - $115

Kelly’s Signature Spa Pedicure

The ultimate in luxurious pedicures features a refreshing eucalyptus tea tree bath followed with peppermint exfoliation scrub. This signature treatment includes a cucumber heel treatment to relieve dry, cracked heels. Then, moisturized with a paraffin treatment. Finally, choose your favorite polish from our extensive palette and watch as your Kelly’s Spa technician creates a masterpiece ten times over.

50 minute session - $105

75 minute session with Gelish - $135

Spa Manicure

25 minute session - $59

Spa Pedicure

30 minute session - $69

Gelish Removal - $30

Gentlemen's Manicure

Everyone’s eyes will be focused on your hands when you slide that wedding band on your lovely bride. Be prepared for that special moment by having them professionally groomed! If you’ve never had your hands manicured by a specialized technician; you are getting married, a great excuse to start. She will be impressed!

25 minute session - $69

Gentlemen's Pedicure

Having your hands manicured is the first step but don’t forget your feet, they support your whole body and we tend to forget about them. Your feet will be ready for that first dance with your wife and your honeymoon vacation.

25 minute session - $79

Nail Enhancements

Parafin Hands - $35

Parafin Feet - $35

French Polish Hands - $30

French Polish Feet - $30

Polish Change - $30


Old World European aristocracy knew full well the many benefits of massage. After all, what could be more stressful than bringing artistic and cultural renaissance to civilized society? 

Massage can reduce stress, increase circulation and body functioning, increase the softness and elasticity of your skin, shorten recovery time from strenuous athletics and give you an overall sense of well-being.

In addition to all of these, it just feels fantastic!

Kelly’s Featured Treatment:

Swedish Massage

This classic full body massage as offered by Kelly’s Spa features long, deep strokes and targeted-area kneading to dramatically reduce tension throughout your body, soothe sore and aching muscles and increase circulation. 
The result? Head-to-toe relaxation. 

50 minute session - $159

80 minute deluxe  - $209

Healing Massage

Therapeutic massage combines a number of classic massage techniques including Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Swedish and other favorites. At Kelly’s Spa, this comprehensive massage is customized to your needs to help release chronic muscle tension and aid in recovery from activity-induced soreness.

50 minute session  - $159

80 minute session - $209

Aromatherapy Infused Massage

Offering serenity and healing through essential oils can have a profound effect on body, mind, heart and soul. Your therapist will deliver a custom massage from blended essential oils that speak to your needs of the moment and reflect your chosen intention. 

50 minute session - $169

80 minute session - $229


Reflexology is a concentrated foot and hand massage designed to enhance your well-being and provide your total body with balance. This massage effectively uses pressure points on your feet and hands that correspond with other parts of your body as well as its organs.

50 minute session - $159

Maternity Retreat

What mother-to-be wouldn’t enjoy a wonderfully soothing and relaxing massage? This very special, pampering treatment has been designed by Kelly’s Spa experts to ease the effects of pregnancy using specially designed maternity pillows. Specific attention and adjustments are made for each mother’s stage of comfort and her overall comfort levels. 
**please advise your Spa Coordinator if you are in your first trimester

50 minute session - $159

*Heated Stone Therapy

This ever-popular massage uses smooth polished stones, meticulously chosen for their various shapes and sizes. The stones are slowly heated to an exacting temperature and strategically placed in a range of body locations to provide a warm feeling of well-being, encourage lymphatic drainage and provide a calming connection to the Earth itself. 

80 minute session - $239

Himalayan Stone Therapy

80 minute session - $265

Four Hands Massage

If two expertly trained and skilled hands can provide luxurious relaxation and stress relief, imagine what four can do for you. Double your contentment and calm with a Kelly’s Spa Four Hands Massage. You’ve earned this one. Not available in addition to facials or nail treatments.

50 minutes - $275
80-minutes - $380

Spa Romantique Couples Massage

Escape to one of our beautifully appointed Tuscan inspired poolside villas to enjoy this extra special Kelly’s Spa treatment designed exclusively for couples. Experience the indulgence of massage side-by-side as 
you unwind, relax and enjoy together.

50 minute session - $269 (per couple)

80 minute session - $375 (per couple)

Couples Aromatherapy Massage

50 minute session - $295 (per couple)

80 minute session - $399 (per couple)

In Suite Massage

Let your mind and body go into a state of peaceful rest and calm as we deliver you a classic Swedish, Sport, or Deep Tissue massage provided in the privacy of your suite.

50 minute session - $190

80 minute session - $270

* Considered heat treatments and are not recommended for guests who have heart conditions, heat sensitivity or who are pregnant.

Young Adult

Teens’ Own Spa Experience

Because you’re never too young for the ultimate in spa pampering, show your deserving teen an experience 
to remember. Includes:

  • 25 minute Papaya Pineapple Polish
  • 50 minute Custom Facial
  • 30 minute Spa Pedicure

105 minute session - $255 per person

Beauty & the Teen

Introduce your teen to the basics of skin care and let a skilled aesthetician analyze their personal skin type. 
a 50 minute Custom Facial and a personalized skin care regimen will be created for your teen’s individual needs.

50 minute session - $145 per person


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